Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bad, bad, BAD news

Yesterday I got an email that no one wants.  Like, NO ONE, at least not me. 

I have been a child sponsor for almost 4 years.  My kids rock.  One of my girls left the sponsorship program quite a while ago.  That was sad.  I felt like I let her down for not writing her more and now I would never have the chance again.  But it wasn't bad news, she was doing good and moving on with her life.  And I moved on.  But yesterday I got bad news.

My sponsored child in Haiti died.


Talk about a slap in the face!

I did not know him good.  I had never received a letter from him.  I had only been sponsoring him for a few months.

But he was only seven.

The email said he died from a "chronic illness passed on to him from birth that continually made him sick until it took his life."  They say they do not know what it was but it is not hard to guess what it most likely was with that kind of discription (HIV/AIDS ?? Am I wrong?).  Why did this boy have to die from this "chronic illness"?   Guh.

Why did HE have to die?

I don't know.  I just don't.


  1. That is so heartbreaking. Stops me in my tracks as my selfish world whirls around me. Ah my heart aches. I just don't know how to live in this culture. Please, Lord, show us how!

  2. That is so sad. At least you got to sponsor him for a little while and show him that some one across the globe was thinking about him.

  3. Sad to hear. But God knew he wanted this little one home with his Heavenly Father.

  4. Anna,
    I am sooo sorry to hear that. This is horrible. It makes you sad to think something could have been done to make him better if meds would have been there. Praying for you. But remember you have a GREAT Heart!

  5. Oh Anna, I am so sorry. How heart breaking. Lord have mercy on us.

    God is using you in such an amazing way in the child sponsorship ministry. Love you.